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Epilfree Permanet Hair Reduction

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Epilfree is a two-step professional treatment  that is applied by your esthetician

after waxing, sugaring, and/or tweezing.


It is not a take home product or just an "add-on" service.

Step A - Epilfree Activator

Step B - Epilfree Toner


Best Results are Achieved With

12 Treatments

4 -6 weeks apart

All before & after care instructions followed to a "T"


Epilfree Pricing






Pre Appointment Instructions

  • You must arrive with clean skin - schedul your appointments accordingly

  • Do NOT apply any moisturizer, lotions, powder, deodorants, perfumes, makeup, etc. the entire day of your appointment.

  • For body treatments, you should plan to shower one hour prior to the appointment.

  • To acheive results, you cannot apply anything to the treated area for 6 hours after the Epilfree application. 



Post Appointment Instructions

  • No bathing or showering 

  • No oils, powders or lotions 

  • No deodorant or perfume 

  • No makeup 

  • No strenuous exercise 

  • Avoid sweating 

  • Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours 

  • No threading or waxing 

  • No tweezing 

  • No shaving

In-Between Appointment Instructions

  • Keep 4-6 week intervals between your treatments

  • Your hair length must be between 2.5 to 5.0mm for next treatment

  • A consistent treatment program will improve your outcome

  • No threading between treatments

  • No waxing between treatments

  • No tweezing between treatments

  • No shaving between treatments

  • Made from all natural ingredients

  • Safe to use on all skin types

  • Works on hair of all colors - even when laser does not!

  • Can be applied over tattoos without fading

  • Does NOT cause photo sensitivity

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