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Individual eyelash extensions add length and fullness to your natural lashes.


Volume lash extensions are two or more extensions attached to one natural lash. The diameter of these lashes is smaller than classics, and result in a fluffier, more "fringy" look.

Hybrid lash extensions have a mix of volume and classic lash extensions for a more "textured" look.

                                                                       Full Set                       $175      120 mins

                                                                       1-7 Day Fill                $60         45 mins

                                                                       8-14 Day Fill             $70         60 mins

                                                                       15-21 Day Fill            $150       60-90 mins

                                                                       22+ Days                   $175        90-120 mins

*If it has been 22 or more days since your last visit, you will be charged for a Full Set. Even though you may have a lot of lashes still hanging on, they will have grown out and will need to be removed and replaced. It takes extra time to remove them and more product to replace them.

*Please note that I do not fill over lashes/adhesives/products applied by other lash artists due to liability and insurance reasons. If something goes wrong with your lashes, I need to know exactly what products are involved.

Thank you for understanding.

*If you are coming in for a full set with other lash extensions still on, you will also need to schedule an appointment for a LASH REMOVAL to make sure we have plenty of time for the new set. I suggest this is done a day to two prior to applying the new set of lashes.

*Appointments book up in advance, especially for later afternoon, evening, and weekend spots. Please consider booking a recurring appointment to ensure that you are able to have your lashes filled in a timely manner.

*Please arrive right "on the dot" at the schedule time for your appointment.

I book back-to-back and will not be ready for you until your scheduled appointment time.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, I will not have time to complete your service.

Any time missed due to tardiness will be forfeited and the appointment will end

at the regularly scheduled time.

*Please be aware that refunds are not given for services rendered. Patch tests for allergic reactions are offered and recommended for sensitive clients prior to lash extension application.  However, as allergic reactions may 

occur even months/years after wearing extensions with no warning, patch tests are not a fail safe.


*It is imperative that you arrive for your appointment free of all eye makeup, including eyeliner and mascara. Mascara and makeup removers leave behind residue that can interfere with the lash adhesive bond and are not to be used with lash extensions. I suggest using an oil free remover and removing all mascara the night before your first appointment to give the remover time to dissipate.

*Remove any contact lens as they can trap the adhesive fumes and cause eye irritation.

*If you wear glasses, please bring them with you, so we can make sure your lashes do not rub the lenses.

*Discontinue use of caffeine, energy drinks, and/or diet supplements 12 hour prior as they cause agitation and 

can cause the eyelids to flutter. 

*Turn off your phones/devices as you will not be able to open your eyes to check them 

during your lash appointment.

*Note that excessive talking, chewing gum, etc. will move your cheeks and cause the eye pads 

to slip. This can result in "stickies", blood shot eyes, watery eyes, and/or eye irritation where the pads rise and press against the eye balls.






*Note that you will need to avoid water, sweat, steam, and/or saunas for 24 hours after your extensions are applied.

The bond between the adhesive and the lash extension will be waterproof when fully cured,

however we do not want any "blooming" (white spots) to occur during the first 24 hours 

from exposure to too much water.

*Use the after care kit provided to cleanse your lashes daily with foam cleanser.

Your lashes become coated in oil from the follicle trapping any dead skin cells, makeup residue, and other debris against the adhesive bond. As the skin cells decompose (rot), the bond is broken down which 

results in loss of the extensions.

*Note that use of eyeliner with volume eyelash extensions will most likely result in reduced retention.

I suggest using black powder eye shadow & a slanted brush instead.


*Mascara CANNOT be throughly cleaned off the extensions before filling, so use of mascara will result in

removal and a new full set. No exceptions!

*Note that excessive watering during application may cause retention issues. You must keep your eyes closed during the entire lash service.

*Avoid heat, flames, ovens, smoke, and steam. Excessive heat will singe the ends of the extensions

and/or cause them to lose their curl.

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