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Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis. A pleasant side effect is that it often rids the skin of fine vellus hair aka "peach fuzz". However, that is not the goal of dermaplaning. This service allows for deeper product penetration and is perfect for priming the skin prior to a chemical peel.  Dermaplaning is a mechanical process, not chemical, so it is safe for pregnant and nursing women.

Not every skin is a candiate for dermaplaning. Contraindications include:

active acne, acne prone, cystic acne, nickel allergy, scarring and hyperplasia.

We do NOT offer a quick "dermaplane only" service. That would leave the skin dry, flaky and ready to break out. 

We use a hydration mask, moisturizer, serum and SPF every time.

Dermaplaning Facial $75

Dermaplaning & Enzyme Facial $90

Dermaplaning Facial & Chemical Peel $120

Dermaplaning Facial & Microchanneling $120


We have a 48-hour cancellation policy

as we cannot always fill vacancies with less notice. 

A 50% fee will be applied to all appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance.

A 50% cancellation fee will be applied to all no shows.  

Thank you!

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